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Price Reduction

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Will this impact CAV prices at all?

Any new releases will be priced with the new pricing structure.

If we can work it out with distribution, and we lower everything, then the other CAVs will come down in price too.


Happy dance!

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First the cheaper P-65 miniatures, now a price reduction on new releases? Reaper has to be the best source of rpg character minis. Now all I need is some money to actually buy these things with.


Seems pretty good for monster minis too, I think. Are there any better places for monsters?


Other than Otherworld, that is. :)

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:rolleyes: I can think of a retailer that wouldn't mind a general price reduction. I'm just happy that you're putting the hobby back in reach of most of my customers again!


This sort of thing is why there's a wall for Reaper and a 'Special Orders Only' post-it on certain other company catalogs. :poke:



Awesome guys, hopefully I can talk my local store into carrying more Reaper minis. Thanks much for the price reduction.

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Well I say enough is enough, and it's fine time someone reported some good news! Luckily, today, I get to be that person, though I did have to ace Ron out and lock him in his office for a day... or two.

Um, did Ed ever let Ron out of his office?

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To Ed and all the wonderful people at Reaper,

I want to thank you for the price reduction.

Having lost my job in January because my company closed its doors due to the economy, it is great to see a company who cares for its customers.

Coming from a state whose polaticians are as crooked as can be (illinois). And the fact they plan to raise taxes to complacate things even worse.

It is great to know I'll still be able to scrape a few dollars togather and afford to continue my favorite hobby.

thanks again,



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The person complaining about the price decrease on frothers was priceless. I hope the Reaper crew will print and blow up the post and put it on a wall somewhere.

Did they just make a huge purchase? Having just made a few rather large Reaper purchases for the opening of my store, I can sympathize with that feeling...

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