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Vanja, Fire Giant Queen


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So glad to finally put down the brush on her!


I've been working on this one a while, now...probably about 5 weeks of working on her at least a little every time I paint. I'm really happy with several things, and she's led me to believe that I can enjoy and finish some of the 54mm master series minis that are on my shelf.


New things: first big attempt at semi/demi-metallics, a "normal" paint mixed with metallics to keep the sparkle but make it easier to see the shading. I like the armor a lot; the copper jewelry was much more quick and dirty, but still came out not bad. Also, I haven't done many gems before this, and these are my first square-cut/hard-edged gems. They need work, but I like 'em.


C&C welcome and appreciated.





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Very well done. Your shadowing is excellent, but I'd add more highlights all around.


I notice your white on the skin looks chalky. That's a common problem. I recently bought a 16 oz. jar of Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Titanium White. It's more glossy than the usual hobby paints, but it blends much smoother, without that chalky look.


I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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Thanks, folks for all the comments...and the photos aren't the best; I may have a link to better ones at some point, we'll see.


Mamageek, I'll agree on some of the chalkiness...although none of the skintone is white, so the Titanium White wouldn't help so much here. I have heard a lot of good about it, though, so I may have to find a bottle.


Stern, there is a TON of detail on her, and I've tried to hit all of it. The last six hours of work on her have involved me swearing up a storm every time I blinked, because something else I hadn't painted kept appearing. She's so much fun to paint, but she doesn't ever seem to end.


Thasia and David, one of the palette choices I tried to stick with on Vanja was to keep with warmer, more burnished colors...I got away from it in the highest highlights of the skin and in the base, but it was fun with all the armor and gems. That white dragon-scale cloak was tough...I normally think of white dragons in more bluish tones, so the yellows on this one were fun.


Evilbob, I'm glad you like the hair; I'm still second-guessing some of it.

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Very nice! Congratulations, too -- I noticed that your sig earlier this week indicated only 5 figures completed, and today it's 6... a substantial 6th. ::):

I like the pale green as the contrast to the strong oranges and reds. Good face, especially the eyes and the pinkish-black lips.


Try reshooting with a darker background, to make the paint job easier to see. With a dark color scheme like this and a white background, the entire figure is darker than the background and it is harder to distinguish the contrast that you worked so hard to achieve in the paint job. Choose a background color so some of the paint job is lighter and some is darker. I use a sheet of either dark blue or dark gray-brown art paper when I shoot my figures, and I think it works well.



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Demonelf- I saw you talk about liners for gems in the recent liners/inks/clears thread, I think. To be honest, the basecoat on those gems is a little over three months old, so I wasn't thinking about it for this mini, but I'll definitely incorporate it into future gems. I totally see how well that will work.

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