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I need Bald, muscular mins, you know Goliaths


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Lastly, look for an old Chainmail model which was the original Goliath y'all are talking about. I think it was called by another name however, but if you type in "Chainmail Miniatures" to ebay, you might get lucky and find it. I've got one, but I already converted it. Maybe someone has one and would be willing to part with it.



I am 90% sure my FLGS still has at least one of those, but in a box set (they have a bunch of old Chainmail on a dusty shelf, which I occasionally raid). I am going there this weekend, if anybody would like me to check.


Indeed, my FLGS does have a Chainmail Stone Child, new in a box set with a few dwarves. In case anybody is interested. He doesn't appear bald, though. He's wearing a pointy helmet.

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You know, I never did see that with those two.


The scary question is, did Matt model the nipple-ring"? :blink: :blink: :lol:


On that note, I always thought the dog closest to the viewer had a Matt expression. :lol:


war dogs


Also, the Stonechild mini is bald, he just completely made of rock. Reason for the jagged edges. (half-human/half-elemental race)

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