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CAV Bomber Sophie


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This is really well done Skya!


Didn't really care for this sculpt when it came out, but this is really cool.


Love the colors, the flames on this missle are wicked sweet, and the base work is also top notch.


My only critique is that she looks a little lazy-eyed to me... That's the only part that detracts from a nicely done piece.



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Stern, yeah I tried my darnedest to fix those eye's, but they're at such an obnoxious angle and sculpted rather odd in relation to each other.. meh. If you look at each eye from a profile shot it looks fine, but together.. yeah they look kinda off.



Hey this is fantastic! The base really pulls the eye in to it - it works so well. The steel wool is a great idea - what stops it from moving and cracking off the paint though?


Basically what I did is put a heavy pin down the middle of the missle. I then took the steel wool and compacted it into the general shape I wanted. (It holds together better like that.) I then jammed the really tight roll of steel wool onto the pin, teased it into exactly the shape I wanted to make it look like there are four jets combining into one rolling mass and then glue gobbed over it with super glue in a couple places to smooth out a few areas into more rolling billows, also helping it keep its shape. Then I slathered it in brush on primer, soaking it in in blobs to help keep everything else together. I think I did three really thick layers of brush on primer, and let me tell you steel wool can soak up an amazing amount of that stuff. All in all though at this point it holds pretty solidly.

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