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01422: 2007 Christmas Sophie


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Finished this last year in time for it to be part of the holiday displays at home.





Painting Sophie gave a few challenges - mostly because the paints kept getting powdery. A few layers of paint sealer and changing over to straight water to thin the paints helped. A great exercise in fixing problems as you go.



I may go back and add some freehand to Sophie's gown if I can find just the right design. Christmas Past could use some deepening the shadows on her base too.

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Thanks for all the kind words. I'm glad so many of you like the dress.


The dress started out with the RMS Sea Blues Triad. When I had 'finished' shadowing and highlighting using just the triad the gown color was just not right - too flat. At the suggestion of a friend I started glazing the shadows with purples and the highlights with pale yellow. It was just about this time that a powery layer started to form on the paint and every attempt to paint directly over the powder was absorbed into it.


I gave the entire figure a couple of coats of paint sealer and changed to straight water for thinning the paints. I lost count of the layers of glazing done, but all the same colors were used. Even knowing the exact colors used I don't know if it would product the same effect. That layer of powder may have been a blessing in disguise.


Glazing was also used on Christmas Future's sickle. For that I may have used a green ink, but again memory fails me. One thing I do remember about this guy is that there is no black used on him at all. He was based with RMS Green Liner, shaded with Brown and Blue Line and given successive layers of green - sadly I can't take pictures well enough to show the colors.


Working on both of these figures started me on playing with colors differently than I had before. I now try to shade and highlight with colors completely different from what ever base color I'm using. It's an interesting experiment and teaching a lot about how colors work together.

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Lovely, really lovely.


Regarding that "powdery" layer you refer to: I don't know about RMS triads, but white hobby paint tends to dry chalky, and mixing it with color has the same effect. For white, I use Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Titanium White. It blends so smoothly with no chalk. It is a little glossy, but that's something a matte varnish can handle.


Your colors and detailed brushwork are so beautiful. Any tips on eyes? I can't manage to produce anything beyond a basic socket outline, whites, and a solid iris. What you've done on this one is fantastic!

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