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Help, What reaper colors could I use to match this?


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Well taking a stab at it I would say that the bone colors are probably linen white and Ivory. Reaper has an Ivory triad (9748) and Linen white is in another one but you can get it as a single (9061).


Its hard to tell what might be NMM from that shot. If its gold then you could try any of these three triads; 9711 Warm Light Browns, 9725 Ochre Golds or even 9743 Khaki Browns. Depends on what "kind" of gold you want but all of those would work. If its steel you might try the 9730 Neutral Greys or 9758 Cold Greys.


I'm sure others can and will chime in.

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Yeah I would need a straight-on shot of the gold to assess. Also, is this model painted with Games Workshop paints? If so then we will have to reconsider our answers. ::):



p.s. if it was painted in Master Series it looks like a basecoat of Uniform Brown for the bone, highlighted with Stained Ivory, Polished Ivory and either Linen White or Pure White. At least that's how I would duplicate it. ::):

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I say throw caution to the wind, and purchase the RMS 1-100(ish) set.


You won't be sorry! For the NMM, the colors aren't as important as the technique...and RMS ochre's are the shiznitobamsnipsnap-sally.


*BTW...from the looks of that fig, it seems you picked up a nicely painted table top army...any more pics?

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