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Mixed static grass colors

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Hey all,


Due to a series of events, too lengthy to detail I have a 4x8 gaming board with several large patches of "Grass" static grass and several large patches of "Glade Grass" static grass. Does anyone have any siggestions for blending the two colors together so they don't look at odds with eath other?


For example, I was thinking of putting small patches of Glade grass in the middle of the regular grass and vice versa.


Do you think I should just cover over one of the colors with more grass?




~ GG

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That sounds really neat. You can probably mix the two colours together for where the spots meet but I'd say just look at some lawns/fields where different types of grass are together and see how they look irl. I know of a friend whose lawn is a different grass type than his neighbours so it always looks a different colours, it's VERY obvious in winter because it dies, and in their yard they just have these big green patches from their neighbour's grass growing in theirs, and vice versa.. If you want I can snap a photo or two for reference?



:) so uh, yea, I think putting some of grass A on grass B's side in splotches where it's started to grow would look natural, as well as actually mixing up some of A and B to make it really blended.. that'd be neat!


:X I'm not really an expert on grass, though.

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