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Ariseth, Necropolis Chattel (Conversion)


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I bought this one with a conversion in mind and so, converted it. Converted additions are her new helm, new hair, new loincloth and new shoulderpads.


I liked the sculpt by Niehaus, but, I liked the "bottom half" much more than the top, as I thought it was out of balance, as in...her head was just throwing it for me, but I really liked her pose and stance and there was something "Klocke" about this piece otherwise that endeared it to me. Here's a link to pics of the unmodified sculpt: Ariseth


I took the image of the mini into photoshop and came up with this quick concept to help me figure out where I was going to go with the conversion and color scheme:




Sculpted detail took about 2 hours in 4 seperate 30 minute sittings to allow the putty to set up each time. Cleanup basing and prep (it's a real stone she's based on) about an hour, painting, a little more than 7 hours, the straps were almost agonizing to paint since I screwed up the skin in so many areas and having to repaint skin that was already done, damn hard to do, she's a smallish figure and so many straps yergh. Also I stripped and completely repainted the swords 4 times, before I decided on this look, the 5th attempt, which I thought gave her a more interesting appearance overall. I failed painting the swords so many times that I was about to just move on to another mini, but I figured what the hell, I got the conversion done may as well tough it out.

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It looks terrific, but how does she see?


Dunno heh. The original sculpt has her helm blocking her eyes so I just carried on with that. I have the Warlord rulebook here but didn't read through it to see if it's a part of the fluff for the faction or something. Maybe.


Thanks for the comments everyone, I appreciate it.

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