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A lot of people miss it - I've made it a project of Cutebutpsycho and I to go back and re-shoot every model with Bryangles™ at the right side, but with almost 3,000 models in the gallery, and only 500 of them with them in frame (give or take), it's taking a while. In the last 9 months, She and I have added almost 400 shots (beginning with 02001 and ending around 02425) and we expect another 150-200 or so in about a month. I figure once we can realistically say that over 50% of Dark Heaven, 100% of Chronoscope, and 25% of Warlord have them in frame, I'll actually make a general announcement telling people what they are. (Warlord are easier to estimate becase of the standardized bases).

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