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FOW American M4A1 Sherman Tank Platoon


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Just finished these guys up today and have to say I think they came out rather well. Put a lot of extra time into painting trying to get a realistic look based off my own personal experience for weathering armored vehicles. Added extra stoage to give that gypsy wagon look that always seems to happen to a tank over time as well.

Also modified two of the .50cal mounts making them rear mounted instead.


Currently have these minis up for auction hoping to get back the cash out of them for the I invested time in the painting. Problem with this battlefront stuff is that the price is so high just for the minis that the painter tends to take a hit when selling them due to the high cost overall. I figured what the heck though, they were fun to paint :poke:


Thanks for looking, C&C welcome







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Well I've been listening to you talk about these tanks for the past few weeks while you worked on them. It's good to finally see the finished product. I love the weathering effects on them. Considering how SMALL these things are your detail is amazing.

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Thanks everyone, appreciate it ::D:

No I dont play Flames of War. It is a game I could very easily get into though being a WWII buff and table top gamer in the past though. Just dont have the time or place for it anymore. I paint this stuff now just for commission work or on my own for sale like this group.

Have to admit they were fun to paint and a nice break from all the grunts and guns that I've been painting recently. Takes me back to better days when I did a lot of 1/35ths scale plastic model kits. As for the weather it helped actualy being on tanks for all the years I was, They tend to weather in certain ways that most people dont realize and I tried my best to replicate it on such a small mini as a 15mm scale tank. :wacko:


Thanks again everyone

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