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I daresay that if someone wishes to take offense at me throwing that figure out, they're welcome to, because it's their right to have their feelings and opinions...just like it's mine to discard a piece of my property if it's causing huge amounts of Paint Rage. :;):


Life is all about choices. I understand the way many of us feel at the idea of someone throwing away a mini that we think is better than we could do, no matter how much time we invested. I have harassed Phil about this myself a few times. But we have to remember that everything is relative. What you and I might think is amazing and criminal to trash, the artist may have grown to hate even looking at. If by pitching it that person can purge the creative toxins, get a fresh start, and maybe come back stronger, then that's his choice and not anyone's business but his own. Anyone who gets upset by that is also making a choice. You don't have to get all pissed off about it, you *choose* to.


It took me a long time to understand that idea. We are all responsible for our own personal happiness. It doesn't matter what so-and-so did or said. You have the option to react in either a positive or negative way. We are all responsible for our own personal happiness. If someone offends you, don't stew over it and let poisin your heart, just walk away.


Personally I would rather see someone pitch the offensive mini and get it out of his system rather than get gridlocked and frustrated. I mean if you can't have fun and enjoy the hobby, what's the point?

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I think this thread had turned into a perfect example of one of the issues that America in general deals with as a whole even today amid hard economic times by our standards. Waste, overindulgence, supersizeing and just plain being spoiled as a whole country in regards to much of the world. Before everyone jumps me for this, yes I am just as guilty as most everyone else for the most part though.

In a lot countries this wouldnt even be a discussion worth binging up because there isnt a lot of excess income or time to even bother with such a creature comfort hobby such as painting little metal miniatures. Yes, I've been there and seen it first hand.

Some of us walk by a penny on the ground and and pick it up becuase it has value while others ignore it, "its just a penny and what difference would it make any way."

How many of us that live in cold areas's start our cars wasting gas in the winter just so its wrm when we drive to work in the morning? I do but this would be unheard of in some places.


I knew a girl in Germany years ago that would take cold showers and even then turn off the water in between soaping up and rsining just to conserve it. Try it some time, its not a lot of fun and I would never do it again unless I had to. It was normal for her because of the strong recycling push for years in Europe.

Then you have other countries- "How much for your 14 year old sister? $10 American dollars, thats a bit high, I'll give you $6." Done. Its a way of life for many people.

Some of the food we scrape off out plates or fruit and veggi's that are just a bit to over ripe go in the trash. I've seen people pick through the garbage to get stuff worse than this. Mold on bread? So? its still good, just eat around it.

The list goes on and on of course but also in the opposite direction:


Years ago in Saudi Arabia ( 80's and 90's ) it wasnt uncommon to drive down the road and see cars sitting there broken down and abandoned with only a flat tire or the engine burned up because the oil was never changed. Models like BMW, Mercades, Jaguars ect.. Inconcievable right? Not when you have the money to spare and you have 4+ cars already, just go buy a new one so why bother getting it fixed? Yea, its true people I'm not kidding on this.

How about spending $200,000+ on a wedding because you fly all your releatives in from overseas to attend and put them up in 5 star hotels as well?


So the question comes back to this; take the time to strip a $3-5 dollar mini or toss because you dont want to deal with it or just to wipe the slate clean starting fresh? All depends on you perception of money, your upbringing and how you place value on things as a whole. That $5 dollar mini that we paint in the confort of our home, safe and happy could be enough to feed a family for a day some some places or its nothing but scraps to another not worth the time to even think twice about .

For every person that says toss it your going to have one that balks at the idea.


Me, I'll keep on stripping or just give the stuff away to someone if I get tired of dealing with it though. Your money and your property to do with as you wish. That is until the $5 mini all of suddenly becomes more valuable because you no longer have $5 to waste on such things.

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Personally, I don't "technically" toss minis. I don't however strip or trade either. I typically thow the bad ones in a box ont he shelf. These may get reused later as test subjects for new techniques if I want to try something but don't want to try it on a good mini. I also tend to toss broken minis in there because i hate fixing a minis that was finished but later broke. I intend to fix them someday, only someday is reaching nearly 20 years for some.



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