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steamman knight, Rosie and a couple of Sandra garrity supers


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This collection of recently finished stuff includes a steamman knight - inspired by the works of 'Stephen Hunt'. Rosie - who will be a Star Frontiers character and two Sandra Garrity sculps for living legends by lance and laser. Enjoy (or not, as the mood takes you).








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Haha, wicked, I am curious about what kind of game would throw these characters together. Your paints are very nice... I'd have gone for a lighter lipstick on rosie m'self, but it looks good how you've done it. I'm probably being overly critical because I've been wanting to paint rosie for a month or so now.

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Thanks for the kind words and advice. I'll agree that the transition on the wings is not as smooth as it could be (for some reason, the whole figure was a pain to paint). I like the dark lipstick myself - it does looks better in person.


I've got a few more Lance and Laser figures to paint but the scale is variable and it's putting me off.


Erk - they're not for the same game (although that would be interesting). Rosie will be for Star frontiers, Traveller and BRP. The supers will be used for Mutants & Masterminds and Villains and Vigilantes and the Steam Knight for a steam-punk game. Steam-punk is currently my favourite Genre (next to Post-apoc, of course).


If anybody knows of a good Steam-punk miniatures source - I'd love to know about it.

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Good job on all the paint. I actually think the lipstick looks ok on her though. Looks like it is just put on/new. just fixed the car and blasted some aliens, had to freshen up sorta look:)

The robot looks good too. would be pretty tight with a little freehand design over the cockpit or head of him.

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Hey Drew,

Not sure if this is steam punk material but there is a wide varielty of sci fi and modern minis from a lot of different manufactures if you just dig around a bit. I think they would work based on what i have seen thus far though.




Have a good one and hope this helps.



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