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Well, I have a paper due tomorrow at 2pm. Somehow I had gotten it in my head that this paper only needed to be 4 or 5 pages long, which is no biggy. That would take most of tonight, but be thoroughly doable. So, with this length in mind, I've put this paper off until the last minute and focused on the other end of semester stuff.



I checked the syllabus after dinner, turns out this is a 12 to 15 page paper. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So wish me luck, I have to generate 12 pages of the symbolism used to portray the virgin mary in medieval paintings, and I have to do it tonight.






What am I doing here? I got work to do...














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ok, i wimped out half way. emailed the professor and she said it would be only a few points off if it were a day late. Judging by the other papers i've written for this class, that means I'll probably still get an A or a high B. Such is life. Now, it is time to go home to bed.




This makes me feel like an old man. A year ago I would have pulled the all nighter with no hesitation.

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