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The Big Red One

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The goal is near...


Hour 30.5 continued - attached the left wing.

Hours 31 & 32 - brush-primed and painted the wing joints, fixed several rub-offs, adjusted some highlights & shadows on wings

Hour 33 - wooden display base. This was actually more like 4 hours, but I can't really count the time spent ruining one piece with a pad sander, another with a drilling error <_< and a third that after getting it almost finished just seemed too large. Too much empty space and it looked neglected, you know? I was also working on two other wooden display bases at the same time, and so could not track each task separately. So, from sanding to drilling, staining to two coats of polyurethane, we'll chalk up an hour to this part.


Hopefully tonight I will wrap up and get some basic photos before turning over to client tomorrow.

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Well, this is pretty much final. Apologies for the photos, especially the sloppy background. My homemade light tent/booth is just not made for models this size.


Comments and critiques are always welcome. Thank you to all who have watched this learning process come together, and to my client, Jason, for all the encouragement and patience along the way. Kings to you, sir.


post-2299-1259025376_thumb.jpg post-2299-1259025384_thumb.jpg


post-2299-1259025391_thumb.jpg post-2299-1259025396.jpg

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Wow. Very nice. I'm new to these forums but have been painting for technically a few years (though not the last 2-3 following a cross-country move and the establishment of almost entirely new habits). But I've recently gotten back into the swing of it and because my favorite minis are Reapers I thought there might be some value in joining the forum.


But here's a question -- I remember seeing a Gauth tutorial on The Craft a couple of years ago but it's not there anymore. (One of these days soon I will steel my courage, buy that blue behemoth and have at 'er.) I'm not looking to duplicate the work outlined in the tutorial, but if I recall correctly it would make for great reference. Does anyone else remember that tutorial and, if so, do you know whether it's still available?


Many thanks. I look forward to sharing with y'all!

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Thanks, Slow Learner. Man, that just doesn't look right in text. "I mean that in the nicest of ways." Seriously, welcome to the forums. Just a thought, but you might have better luck asking that question about the Gauth tut over as its own topic, maybe in the >Craft Corner>Painting Tips & Advice section. There's more traffic over there and you would get more direct replies. I don't really recall that article, but if one does turn up I would certainly be interested in seeing it.



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Welcome, Slow Learner! Membership in these forums does have value, no matter whose minis you like (though I'm sure they enjoy your business); I'm a fan of Reaper's minis too, but one of the great things about this site is that you are welcome to show off or ask for help about your work with minis from any company here. I think you'll find this community is incredibly supportive and helpful to anyone who wants to become a better painter.


I don't recall seing a Gauth tut in the Craft either though. It's possible there may have been a Work In Progress post at some point though - did you try searching the forums?


Aside from that possibility, the closest thing I can think of (and find) would be a brief write-up accompanying the pix in LJ's gallery here, though it's not that in-depth and deals with how he mounted the mini for painting almost as much as with the actual painting itself. It does give a bit of info about the colour palette he used, and it is painted blue - could this be what you're thinking of? If not, it's at least a start, and there are lots of photos you could use as a reference if/when you try your hand at painting this beast. I could be mistaken, but I believe it is this one that is shown on the box Gauth comes in.


Hope that helps, and don't forget to post some photos of your work!


PS. Since IIRC this in my first post in this thread, I should also mention that Big Red here turned out amazing - congrats on a job very well done!



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