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For transporting cupcakes, Wilton makes a nice cupcake transport case, if you happen to be driving. It carries 12+ standard sized cupcakes and 24+ mini cupcakes. I say plus because I have found in the space between the 12/24 depressions, you can fit additional cupcakes as long as you don't go too crazy with the frosting. I'd presonally recommend, if you are driving, to bring the cupcakes unfrosted, and carry the frosting in a bowl, inside of a cooler. Do em up at the hotel before you bring them to the Con.


You can find it at Michael's in their cake decorating section, and Blood Bath and Beyond also carries it. It works great for cupcakes and transporting 9x13 sheet cakes.

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oh yea, definately bringing them unfrosted.


I think I am going to try to rig up something using paper box lids. I am a graphic designer for a printing company, and they are easy for me to get.


I am still trying to decide exactly how many to make. The recipe I have makes them in 24-batch sizes. I will probably bring 4 dozen. That might be too much though.

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