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I just finished work on my 4th and 5th mini's. Hope you enjoy.



These were for my 4 year old daughter. She demanded my next project be hers. I wanted to wait until I had honed the craft a bit more on some different minis, but I can't resist when she says "Please?"



The unicorn came first. I wanted to go with an appaloosa pattern and she wanted pink.


The pegasus...well, I didn't like the flat look of the unicorn and I wanted some more texture to it. I started by doing the fur like one of the tutorials floating around here but it wasn't quite turning out. I couldn't get it fine enough. So I started drybrushing it which looked really cool at first but as I painted, it turned into more of an acne riddled mess. I think if I would have held out till the end, it might have turned out better. The wings were the result of me going too fast. Ahhh well, things to remember next time.


I'm still learning the art of basing as well, so they're a little messy.










WIP : http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?...=35727&st=0

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They are so cute! Nice work :) I love the color schemes on both!





I "figured" the pink one was a girl and the purple would be a boy, but I was just informed they are both girls. The unicorn's name is "Cherry Blossom" and the pegasus is just "Cherry". lol, gotta love kids.

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Nice work, I'm sure she'll love them. I'm impressed by how well you are doing after only 5 minis.


One note for the future; it is usually best to shade white with tans/blues instead of darker colors. The mane on the Pegasus is a bit sharp in the contrast.


Good job,



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Nice job. The unicorn is especially nice. I think your base work is actually quite good.


Ditto on Talespinner's comment about the mane, unless you wanted it to be gray. White animal hair should be basecoated off-white, highlighted up to pure white, and shaded into browns. I did a white apron that way here, for example.


I'm sure they both will be well-loved!

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I'm diggin' these - really fun and unique item for the kids. I hope you sealed them thoroughly, what with little fingers involved. I'm actually a big fan of your bases, they give it a natural flow into the flock.


Thanks! I'll try not to change too much on how I do the bases then. ;)


They got a coat of glossy and 5 or 6 coats of matte. I hope thats enough, but I have no idea.

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The real heavy duty protection comes from the gloss coats - that's the reason for using gloss before matte - and you could likely have gotten away with using a little more. The matte does offer some protection, but you shouldn't need more than a couple thin coats. Use too much matte, and you actually risk having it turn glossy! Yup, another piece of hard-to-believe sealing trivia from Kang. ::D:


Here's another link http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=29804 for your reference (see posts #5 and 9 in particular for info about the 'too much matte = gloss' effect and its remedy, although the whole thread has lots of useful advice about sealing). The good news is that your minis didn't go glossy, and that with all that matte sealer they should stand up to a lot of abuse.



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