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May-August 2009 Mini Exchange

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New thread for the mini exchange contest I will coordinate for May-August. I will take 20 exchangees (? sounds good to me!), and will have the deadline for sign-ups be May 15th. Deadline for the exchange will be August 31.

Please post on here if you are interested and send me a PM with the following info:

Your name, Adress, Optional phone number, what you paint most often or what you want to paint for the exchange, and what you would most like to recieve. Please understand not all requests may be able to be met, but I will try my hardest.

After the exchange deadline please let me know if you did recieve your mini; let's keep the communication open and have no-one get burned. I will plan on making anyone who does get burned a recipient of a mini of my choice, and anyone who does the burning will be publicly announced on the thread. If there are possabilities you may be running late communicate it to your recipient and me to avoid any blacklistings!

The rules are simple: Signup by May 15; pick, prep, paint and ship no later than August 31.

Let's have fun with this and make it a positive exchange for all!


Thanks for participating! -Joe


4 spots are taken, thanks Jen, Sethohman, Amalor Myrnnyx and Prophet. Please re-read the opening of this thread and make sure you pm me any details (What you most paint or plan to paint and what you are most interested in recieving!)

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