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May-August 2009 Mini Exchange

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Got my assignment, picked up a mini, prep is almost done. I hope to start painting sometime this week.

Over-achieving suck-up... :lol:



hahah, I just happen to be unemployed and prefer this over piles of physics homework :B):

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Got my assignment. Picked up a mini a few days ago. Got the prep done, got some paint on it..... didn't like how the paint was looking so the mini is now sitting in the cleaner <_< Will be re-priming it in about a day and I am going to take my time this time with the paint. I got so use to painting up Orks for 40k with a dry brush and wash technique that I did it on the mini without thinking about it. It looked horrible! So I am starting again.

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Just a question on general principle. I know these minis are required to be Reaper, but are conversions okay? I actually already did them.... but it's good to know for the future.


Yes - I would say conversions are fine. As long as it is basically Reaper, as they were nice enough to let us use their forums. But conversions are always cool.

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