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May-August 2009 Mini Exchange

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HI! I'm new to the forums, ao I'm not involved in this exchange, but I wanted to say that it is the coolest thing ever. I am so excited just to see you guys being excited and trading posts over this fun project!

You all deserve kudos for a great community builder, and I hope this happens again in the future so that I can take part!


Welcome to the forums, Tallghost.


What I like best about mini exchanges is that anyone can sign up. If you have the ability to slop paint on metal (plastic, resin, whatever), you're in. Plus, whether you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran, there's something to be gained. If you're new, you get to have your work examined by the community, and your recipient, and get lots of good feedback for becoming better. The old hands, like myself, get to help encourage the newcomers, and offer our advice. Plus, someone gets a piece they can study to see how the techniques come together.


I just wish we could do this more often :)

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Inarah's mini's arrived on my door step today and I've LOVE them. :wub:


Thank you very much Inarah they're 'effin great!! She painted up the Tool Bots for me. If you have pictures please post them otherwise I'll get some up in a day or two.


Again thank you!! And thanks Joe for running this.

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This when out yesterday (finally). Still working on my lighting rig, so the pics aren't where I want them to be. The pics at least help me spot a coupla issues to correct before I sent her out.

I got a nice surprise in my mailbox this evening :bday:

She's a beaut! I like the bonus mushrooms. You did a great job being consistant with your color palette...even with the mushrooms!

She's going to make a great addition to my little collection of Exchange Minis. Many thanks Brian!



Oh yes, I'm finishing up my contribution.

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