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The Lord of the Rings in Reaper minis

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There is a company that makes these. I will find out for you.


No...no. I know there are companies that do this. There's the entire GW line, there's the Mithril company, there's the Ral Partha and Grenadier and I think RAFM did a LOTR line, too. No, I mean, take "generic" Reaper minis and find the best conceptual or visual representation.

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Eh, some of the roles are hard to fill. Others are very easy. Here's a quick list:


Aragorn - Scumacher (2648)

Boromir - Cardolan (2565)

Gimli - Hagar (3035)

Legolas - Galdanoth (14481)

Frodo - Dingo (14047)

Sam - Biff (2709) converted w/Backpack, Frying Pan and Rope (all from 2638)

Merry - Puck (2109)

Pippin - Dobbin (2531)

Gandalf - Lucius (2491)



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It's precisely the Tolkien knockoff aspect that has me buying CAV and Chronoscope now. I'm just not feelin' it.

I'm not a huge fan of fantasy, typically and got into repeaer because of CAV - but I don't get that aspect from the DHL line at all. I mean, there are the typical fantasy staples - but there is so much more. It has actually gotten me more into fantasy - it is like saying "Gosh, I don't like humanity because red hair kinda puts me off"

What about the blondes, and the brunettes and all the bald people? Why do you hate Dragonsnack?

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