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First miniature ever.

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So heres my first ever miniature.It was a little harder than I expected but very fun. Shoulda did eyepatch different color as his hair as someone pointed out but I am happy with him. Blood on axe wasn't planned don't even know how red got on my brush but I like it. Fur was tough I was going for a timber wolf look, not to bad I guess. I am sure glad I found these it was a fun time. Gonna start a new one tonight.







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Great first mini! As Ishil says, work on your highlights and shading. If you can make it to a Reapercon, the classes are a great help as are the Learn to Paint Kits from Reaper. Plus reading a lot if the Work In Progress section of this forum or any tutorials from other sites. Then experiment to see what works best for you. Keep us posted on your progress! There used to be a thread on first mini's here somewhere, if you can find it you might be suprised the level some of us started from.-Wesley

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