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Shading Colors Triad?


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Noted the following on Alliance Games today:


RPR 09235 Red Shadow $2.99

RPR 09236 Green Shadow $2.99

RPR 09237 Violet Shadow $2.99

RPR 09779 Shading Colors Triad $8.95

Sounds interesting. Anyone willing to share any more details :ph34r:

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Since the Red, Green, and Violet liners got canceled this year (so if you were thinking of ordering 'em, do it NOW, before they run out!), I decided to take a suggestion from last year. People were asking for very dark colors like the "off-blacks" I put in the new Pro Paints (Nightmare Black, Slime Black, Blood Black etc.). So now they will get very dark, non-liner colors in the MSP line. ::):



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I keep hoping that someday they will come out with liners in paler shades for "dark lining" between two lighter colors, like ivory and skintones. :unsure: Yeah, I know... that's what Driftwood Brown is for. But it doesn't have that wonderful liner consistency.


Sigh. I girl can dream, can't she?

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More disappearing colors??


Minature Giant's newsletter says six of the RMS triads are now out of production:


9738 Clear Dark Liners

9740 Muted Purples

9747 Blush Colors

9751 Historic Blues

9756 Mist Greens

9760 Volcano Browns


Apparently the demand for light green is limited since Spring Greens was a victim of the previous purge of RMS triads.


Anne's message indicates the liners will be replaced with the new "shadow" colors. Perhaps, we will see other new colors replace the rest of the discontinued triads?

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Heisler's correct, the purples were the muted greyish reddish purples. I personally loved Bruise and Faded purple but most people didn't know what to do with 'em. Same with the Volcano and Ashen Brown.


Tip: Volcano Brown has been replicated in the new Pro Paints, I think (can't remember, brain cells fading, too close to ReaperCon!).


Of all of these, the ones I will miss most are Shadow Green (in the Mist Greens triad) and the Military Blues, which were wonderful blue-greys. The Military Blues will likely get another life in our upcoming Historical Colors sub-line for Master Series.


Oh, you didn't know about the upcoming Historical Colors sub-line for Master Series? Oops, cat out of bag I guess... :;):


--Anne ::D:

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