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Warriors of Chaos WiP Thread

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The Space Hulk White Dwarf? I got that but haven't thumbed through it that carefully. I'll take a look.


I ended up drybrushing it with metal and washing it a few times after scraping off paint twice. The rod itself looks bad, too. I have this really cool model until you look at the weapon, and then it's uh, kinda not so hot anymore. But after the amount of frustration that weapon caused me, and how intensely upset I was with it, I just don't care about it anymore to be honest. :mellow:

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Next WiP.


Avatars of War chaos mini.

Reaper Crusader Casualty Marker.

Babylon 5 Vree saucer from Iron Wind Metals.

Standard from GW Marauder Horsemen sprue.


This will be my most involved "conversion." I generally just glue things together and apply paint. So this will be a real challenge. It's already consumed a lot of time.



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Long time, no see, Reaper dudes and dudettes.


I need some advice on one model. I'll have to link it since it's a bit of a Boob Monster.


There's also a Nurgle sorcerer I did last weekend.


Firs, the book monster. This has been one of the toughest models I've ever painted. Color choice, handling the model, assembly, painting angles: a real challenge all the way around. I gave up trying to blend some areas and relied on over-applying washes to cover up bad brushstrokes.


I do and don't like the fin on this thing. One side looks much better than the other, though in the end, it looks kinda decent. What do you folks think? I need some advice on this thing, it's been a tough one to paint.


[linked for excessive boobery]




She needs to watch her tan lines!





And then the nurgle dude.




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Great work on the last two (I really like the Chitinous look on the Nurgling creature).


Only thing I can say about the excessively boobed creature is about the top of the model. The section between the armor plating and the "dorsal fin" just seems a little dark to me. Some sort of light sourse up there and trickle it down to the lower region and I think this beastie would be done (heck, it's already a great paint job, IMO).



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One to the banner. Went to the Asylum today to get some advice. The Paint Monkey gave me some tips.


I don't have much freehand experience, so this is tedious work. I think the worm on the banner will be done starting with the boobworm's highlights and mixing snow shadow and ghost white in. So whiteish from the worm's highlights.


The banner will dark, using the same colors as the worm mount which are the dark elf triad. The worm mount was glazed with indigo, red and blue mixed heavy on the blue. Maybe I'll tint it towards the red this time for some contrast. The black in the circle will be done with pure black and the stone triad, to match dude's cape-pants things.


Hopefully I can do this thing justice. Tough paint job, really pushed me.



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Thanks, LadyArgent. That's the basecoast. Here's what I got done today.


Highlighted the armor with RMS Honed Silver and True Silver which did help.


Banner is done. Only my third attempt at freehand, all of them banners, so I'm fairly happy. It's an improvement over my last attempt. Not terribly complex, but it's a good step for me.


There are things I like and things I don't, but I'm to the point of cutting my losses on this model and calling it done. Will have to touch up the banner joint, paint the base, affix the boob monster to the base somehow, and then start the killing!


He doesn't fit terribly great on a 25 x 50 mm base, but the serpent coils bend up so that it doesn't look too odd and should work ranked up next to another model.




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