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First custom figure - Need help!

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Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make a figure for a D&D Character of mine.

His name is V.

I'm trying to make him look like this


I'm thinking of starting with this


I'd need to:

1. Swap the head probably for Zorro's

2. Sand the nubs off the armor

3. Get daggers


Since this'll be my first custom figure I don't have any actual modding experience yet.


Please help,


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Heya! Your starting image link didn't work for me.


For a head swap I would recommend a jeweler's saw to take the old head off. You will probably need some greenstuff or other sculpting putty to make a new collar or piece of cloth or armor to disguise the joint.


I would use a hobby knife to take most of the armor nub off before you sand, or it may take a while!


Daggers are easy; Reaper makes Weapons Packs that contain a variety if you don't already have spare daggers. ::):



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One suggestion for the daggers is to use the aforementioned jewelers saw or a mix of an art knife and files to slowly take off metal from the dagger already on your starting mini. along with that it's fairly easy to make small daggers out of green stuff if you use slightly more hardener to apoxey putty. usually that means adding more green to the mixture then yellow. probably a mix of 60/40 Once you have the mix done if your making decorative daggers roll out the material and lay a small amount onto some wax paper which will let you sculpt the daggers and then carefully peal them off once their dry. From the vendetta pic I would suggest using very thin blades for the daggers since they look more like sai's/stabbing daggers then cutting ones.

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If you have a dremel or similar motor tool, that might speed up the process of removing the nubs. A light touch, don't go all the way down to the leather, finish off with files, sand paper, xacto, etc.


You'll definitely need greenstuff / putty as the head removal will leave a very rough neck area. Sculpting that long hair down over the cut would hide it nicely.

After removing the nubs, you'll probably need the greenstuff to fill in some of the recessed seams in the jerkin(?) as well.

Grind down the codpiece thingy a bit and use the greenstuff to continue the skirt of the jerkin to better match the cut of V's costume.

Grinding down the boot turnbacks might be tricky and probably unnecessary if you paint it all black (but if you wanted that cool, riding boot look...dremel! ::):


I'd like to suggest using sewing pins cut at the right length for the daggers (be careful, this will make this mini quite pokey!). For the daggers on his belt, just cut a pin to match the length of the blade and handle. Glue into place with CA glue. When dry, use greenstuff to model the hilt, handle details, retaining straps...

For the two in hand, cut off the current blades and handles, drill (using a twist drill) into the fist where the blade would stick out. Cut a pin the length of the blade (plus the depth of the hole) and insert into the hole (so the exposed length is what you want). When dry, model the hilt against the fist using greenstuff. Karl's left hand dagger already has a similar pommel to V's dagger. The right hand sword end could work if you just cut off that spiky end.


Looks like a fun conversion. Please be sure to post your results!



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Took a look at the images you are working with, and the following question came to mind:


Why not just use the Zorro mini and avoid the head swap & armor stud removal? Then it'd just be adding a weapon to one hand and swapping a weapon from the other. Adding the stilettos to Zorro's waist-sash belt thing shouldn't be much more difficult than adding them to the other guy's belt... Plus the guy from the movie looks like he's wearing clothes (like Zorro) rather than armor (like the other mini).


Another question:

Is your finished product supposed to look like he's wearing a Guy Fawkes caricature mask like the guy in the movie, or is he supposed to have a little vandyke (I think that's the term anyhow) similar to Fawkes' and be wearing a Zorro mask?


Just curious - I'm always interested in seeing a conversion project work itself out, but mainly it's the Guy Fawkes connection here that got my attention. That's because I recently learned from my grandmother that a distant relative of ours was one of the people who got hanged, drawn, and quartered (ouch!) over their involvement in the Gunpowder Treason.



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