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Overheard at ReaperCon 09


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As Noel's sculpt was defiled with the addition of a huge, green-stuff weiner, the violators searched for a name...finally, someone said, "Sicarus".


My response: "...well shouldn't it be Dicarus?"


*and the fun rolled on...




"When they're a year and a half old, physics don't apply to them, because they haven't learned it yet." ---Rastl---

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Me: "I double warmed my buns and put butter on them. Good stuff."


SonicMIke: "Should you be telling us what you did in your hotel room?"


Me: "Naw, man, I live here. I live 9 miles away."


SonicMike: "Oh, so your wife was there?"

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At the Warlord tournament, where I faced Rastl the first round:


Me (looking at Rastl's Dwarves): "Awesome paint job. Nice to play against a beautifully painted army. Are you trying to distract me?"


Rastl (smiling): "And if that isn't enough, I wore my push-up bra and a v-neck t-shirt."

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