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Need a genasi mini


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Does anyone know of any minis that might resemble a genasi? It's supposed to be a male stormsoul genasi from the 4th edition forgotten realms game. Basically he's a smallish human with pointed ears and some crystals poking out of his head, so I was thinking maybe I could convert that somehow or find something with horns that works. Is there a race in the reaper world that looks anything like a genasi? I don't know much about the actual game I just use the minis for D&D, but I know sometimes Reaper uses different words for the same monsters (ie- mind flayers)


So, I was just thinking maybe someone with a better knowledge of the game and minis might have a few suggestions. Of course if I have to I can go with an elf and paint it blue but unique clothing and some weird features would be really cool.



Oh, and he's a Warlock if that helps in clothing choice, but it can be dressed any way as long as it looks neat :)


Thanks in advance. Sorry if this isn't the forum for this sort of question.

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The genasi are associated with the 4 elements, right? Air genasi have wispy hair, fire genasi have red skin, etc.


If you still really want horns, do a search in the Reaper Figure finder for "Hellborn"


Some others:

Heavily-muscled horned warrior with flaming hair

Female darkspawn, with crystals sticking out of her head

Fire sorceress


Female fire monk

Water sorceress


Hope that helps!

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