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I'm thinking of trying some NMM techniques on some CAVs but was unsure how to tackle it given the flat panels. I'll be using it pretty sparingly just on some of the raised panels that are flat but hadn't ever seen NMM on anything that was just a flat surface. Can anyone offer tips or point me to some pics as a reference?



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If you're having trouble with finding pics, I'd have to recommend running to the mall or other large lot around noon and snapping some pictures of cars in the parking lot. You'll get a pretty decent variety of colors and various shapes for your panels.

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It's been a while since I've looked, but I don't think metallic paints were used on any of the studio paint jobs Kyle Killingworth did. Run a search on his name in the Painted Gallery and you'll see the models he painted. One thing to keep in mind, depending on how you're trying to represent the models, tactical equipment by and large is matte, so you most likely wouldn't see large shiny panels. Unless you're painting a Rach force.

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I was thinking more along the lines of this:




I managed to run across it yesterday. I think in conjunction with some of things you guys pointed out I have what I'm looking for.



Boltman is actually a member of these boards. Perhaps he'll see this and chime in. If he misses this thread, you can always PM him.


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