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Emperor Penguin - Napoleon's Misnavigation


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Hello all...I picked up this mini from Jeremie at Reapercon this year. It's one of his sculpts, and I must say it is a funy piece. Seeing a few others around, I decided to expand on the humor of the miniature, by painting his ice chunk base as sandstone, and palced him in the desert. It fits well with the pissed off expression on his face. Yellows and oranges were added to create the higlights to offer an "uncomfortable" feel to the mini...after all, he is a penguin in the desert!


I am still debating on adding sweat beads on his forehead (which would be very difficult to see unless in person), and the title of the piece was originally going to be "Merde...", which is "$#!t..." in French. hey, what would you say if you were an over-dressed penguin in the desert?


Talking to some of the painters at Rcon really helped me get over a plateau in my painting.




C&C always welcome.

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