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looking good man I havn't posted about how models look mostly becasue I have no room to talk but here I go ill try to make sence at least. I am loving the warrior at the top the only thing i am not sure about is the how spots on the part of the axe behind the blade, the next one that seems off is the female magic user I think her lips might of been a little thick just from the distance and how think they are it makes her look like almost a man.


Now for the good a lession I leanerd on other sites if you post a negative post just as many positives if you can so here i go. I am really liking the NMM on the warrior I mentioned, and the freehand on the magic users cloak is awsome I haven't tryed my hand at freehand or NMM so congrats at a job well done.


p.s. one last thing I would find a basic photo editing program and try to crop, and lighten the photos

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You've really got a great eye for lighting. Your placement of highlights and shadows is spot on, especially the NMM. Very well done.


Now you need to push yourself to learn how to blend. There are some terrific tutorials on CMON, and olliekickflip's blending tutorial here on Reaper is fantastic. I think you're really ready to take it up a notch!

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