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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy version) Thread Seven

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I'd like to see a ReaperBryan miniature. Either as a "gamer" type for the Chronoscope or as a gnomish tinkerer loaded down with books (casket works)


And maybe eating hotwings.

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I'd like to see some court nobles (without drawn weapons) added to the Townsfolk series.


And, I'd love to see a few figures that could be from the Redwall books: mice or rats with some clothing in various poses (with cape, had, and sword or in a priest's garb).



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This is my first post. I have over 300 Reaper points! Here's a bunch of figures I'd like to see, none of which are available anywhere (AFAIK, and I do quite a bit of looking).


The first figure I'd like to see, for my PC, is:


Finari, Crusader Hero mounted on a warhorse with heavy barding. Preferably rearing to attack, with Finari swinging at something next to the horse, giving the sense they are surrounded.


Reaper has released some really great underwater figures, almost enough to really do a proper underwater adventure. Almost. I'd really like to see more in this line, and assuming normal Reaper prices I'd buy:


A 3 pack of "Darfallen" barbarians (re: Stormwrack), call them Dolphinoids. Trick them out like the Aquatic Elves.


A 3 pack of Locathah (carp-like fishmen) barbarians. These guys should also be tricked out with gear like the Aquatic elves, but they should be knock-kneed and goofy looking. Even 1st level PCs need enemies! (I'd buy 2 packs)


A 2 pack with a Locathah leader and wizard/cleric type.


A 2 pack of savage Crab or Lobster people, a little oversized compared to humans, but still in the medium range. (I'd buy 4 packs)


A large/huge shark mounted like the gorgoloth. Something sleek, like a tiger shark, not necessarily the bull-nosed great white that we're all too familiar with. The small shark in the aquatic familiars pack was excellent, now make him big enough to swallow a PC!


2 pack of medium sized sharks, maybe a hammerhead. (I'd buy 4 packs)


A medium-large octopus.


A large crab.


3 pack of drowned (i.e. slightly bloated, maybe their gear/clothes is "floating") pirate zombies. Maybe one has been keel-hauled, and is wrapped in chains with an anchor trailing. (I'd buy 2 packs)


For more general purpose adventuring I'd like:


A medium-large sized animal skeleton, like a bear or lion, about the size of the grizzly bear (the one the dwarf chick is riding). Adventures are always calling for some medium/large animal skeleton and I never have a mini. Most recently it was an owlbear, but I'd settle for something that had four legs and looked like it killed things when it was alive.


3 pack of human slaves, with tools in their hands and shackles on their ankles. And not sexy klockenbooty slaves either (I know what you were thinking!). Think "I'll send you to the salt mines!"


2 pack of evil humans with whips and clubs to tend the slaves. Something along the lines of the bad guys in Temple of Doom just screams "I'm a 1st level warrior slaver! Kill me!"


3 pack of townfolk, call it the Welcoming Committee: 1) a friendly merchant making supplicating gestures, 2) a suspicious middle-aged townie with his hands on his hips and his nose turned up, and 3) a gangly callow youth with ill-fighting chain shirt, a sheathed sword that drags on the ground, and and awkward but eager pose that says "Can I tag along Mr. Adventurer?"


3 pack of townfolk, call it Bar Fight: three unarmored humans, peasant garb with broken bottles, stools, and bare fists. I'd buy a LOT of these, just like I bought a lot of the mobbing townfolk.


3 pack of townfolk, call it Desperate Defenders: three unarmored, peasant garb humans with modified farm implement weapons (pitchforks, bill hooks, etc.) in poses that suggest they are warding off some terrifying foe.

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A shadowdancer in an attack pose coming out of shadowwalking.

Perhaps the cloak could have a smokey/whispy quality that shows he/she just BAMFED.


I also like the idea of a townsfolk in a bar fight using improvised weapons-chairs, bottles, hurled mugs, and even food.

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I guess I don't really have to ask for them, since I think they are pretty obvious given the DHL line catering to the RPG crowd; but clearly Polearms are pretty fantastic weapons in the new edition of D&D and will likely prove pretty common among fantasy heroes being played, so I'd love to see Reaper produce a larger variety of minis wielding such weapons. The idea of including both Glaive and halberd blades with a Polearm using hero would be pretty cool as well.

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Haven't requested in a while because I have not been painting. But things have changed here resently and I may get to start up again. I'll try to keep it breif.



I loves them and so dose 4E. Every 4E adventure I've seen (3 in total) have had lots of Kobalds.

Make More!



4E has snubed the lowly Gnome. Now is your chance! Make billions of Gnomes any way you like! They can never acuse you of stealing ideas! And the gnome shall have its revenge!


*Anime Styles

I love the style and would like to see it in mettal.


*Clear Collored Plastics

I've seen this done on pre-painted plastics. I like it. If you can not incorperate it in your metals then try them in Legondary Encounters.


*Finris Wolf

A big a** demonic wolf. No, not just some Dire Wolf. The mother of all Dire Wolves! This thing has to be BIG! A Giant Wolf if you will.


*Two Tailed Fox

What it says. They are kind of small so a pack of two would be great. These things are in asian myth.


*Asian Theams

I would love to see more asian theamed monsters and characters.



These are Japonese water goblins. They often were turtle shells or even have turtle shells. Think water goblins. Reapers Oger Mage had a small one hanging on to its back.


*Dragon Folk

No weird scale hair. Keep the tails. Just put them in regal poses in heavy armor.


*Devil People

You have a great start. Keep em coming.

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Would posting pictures be untoward? Because I'd love to see the following two illustrations become miniatures.


A knight/paladin in full plate which has a lion motif, with a bastard sword in his right hand and a shield in his left hand. I asked someone to draw this for me years back and I'd love to see this guy as a pewter figure.



And I saw this illustration of the Green Knight on Elfwood a while back, drawn by Anthony Green. Reaper would likely require his permission to make a miniature based on his illustration, but IMO, it'd be worth it. The best part would be to make his head a separate piece. Then people could choose whether they want to model him with his head attached to his neck or not. ;)


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Some non-European fantasy figures would be quite nice.


Chinese characters and monsters.

Middle eastern characters and monsters.

African characters and monsters.


In general some more monster figures would be nice.

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demihuman undead: skeletal/zombified

-undead dwarves

-undead elves

-undead halflings

-undead gnomes

-undead orcs

-undead etc.


female zombies. not a sexy gal with a skeleton hand and maybe an eye missing, I mean a rotten walking dead chick.


a troll in the process of regenerating. perhaps it's lobbed off arm is on the base, and a messy skeletal growth coming out of the stump.


female knights/warriors in full armor including full helmet covering her face.


Masked highwaymen


More living egyptians


Lovecraftian horrors beside cthulu


armored mindflayers


female mindlayers (i know they're sexless in D&D, but I have use for squid women)


female fishmen... so i guess that would be fishwomen. Not mermaids. Female creature from the black lagoon.


undead from other cultures

-zombie ninja

-zombie samurai

-zombie in a turban and robes


a victim being devourered by a beetle swarm


bone pack: a set of skulls, leg bones, ribs, spines, etc. not all human or even humanoid.


gypsy men


female lich


clockwork dwarf


humanoid elementals: some where between the full out elementals and the elemental mages. perhaps male and female versions of each.


pirate accesories: swords, monkey, parrot, peg legs, hooks, pistols


humanoid spiders


more ugly/feral/beastly vampires


werebats/humanoid bats


giant clockwork insects/spider/scorpions


humanoid dolphins. no tails or dorsal fin.




pirate mage


Western monks (guys in brown robs hood and sandals) as opposed to fantasy eastern monks (shirtless dudes who punch through steel)


Sisters/nun who are not warriors. no weapons. no armor. and no sexy. normal women in holy vestments/robes/habits, etc


series of the knights of the round table/Morte d'Arthur (Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, Guinivere, Uther, Morgan, Mordred, etc)


series of Arabian Nights (Alladin, Ali Baba, thief #26 of 40, genie of the ring, genie of the lamp, sheherazad, etc)


Voodoo witch doctor


war messanger: young kid in tattered clothes and armor bearing a scroll




unarmed human king and queen, and perhaps prince and princess


fairy tales (little red riding hood, big bad wolf, sleeping beauty, snow white, 7 dwarfs (country miners, not warriors) etc)


sidekicks: young akward adventurers of the different class types.

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Wow, you don't ask for much, do you? :poke:


a victim being devourered by a beetle swarm

3262 Beetle swarm and victim


female lich

2068 Lucrella Lich Queen

2105 Labella Demornay

3187 Kal'Valanis, Lich Queen

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A dragon mummy would be an amazing sculp, and might make a nice addition to the Neskofar line of minis.

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