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Minis we would like to see (Fantasy version) Thread Seven


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Just thought I'd second some of this stuff.


female knights/warriors in full armor including full helmet covering her face.


Agreed. I received the mini of Alaine earlier today, and while I like her, I can't help but think that she would've looked pretty cool had she been wearing her helmet. Hell, would it be possible to make female miniatures with two heads? One bareheaded, and another with a helmet on?


gypsy men


And gypsy women. Useful for a Ravenloft fan like myself. The more the merrier.


Western monks (guys in brown robs hood and sandals) as opposed to fantasy eastern monks (shirtless dudes who punch through steel)


You mean guys like this? Yeah, a couple like that would be nice.


series of the knights of the round table/Morte d'Arthur (Arthur, Lancelot, Merlin, Guinivere, Uther, Morgan, Mordred, etc)


I would LOVE this!




Let's throw in a couple other mythological heroes, too, alongside the Thor and Hercules miniatures. How about Beowulf, Chucullain, and Gilgamesh?


fairy tales (little red riding hood, big bad wolf, sleeping beauty, snow white, 7 dwarfs (country miners, not warriors) etc)


Another great idea. Not the least of which because it just gave me an idea for an RPG set in the Fables universe. ;) Let's not forget Beauty and the Beast, Pinocchio, Gepetto, the Snow Queen, Cinderella, etc. :D

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Okeedokee I have no authority to see this happen but just for the sake of my own curiosity, I would like to check the pulse of the collective communtiy on this.


It would be most helpful to keep it organised if at all possible, please.


I think it would be easiest to read if the responses follow a set bulletized form such as;



-> Barmaid - serving drinks.


-> Barmaid - leaning seductively against bar.


-> Bouncer - looking menacing


-> Barman - Leaning against bar


-> Dwarven Drunkard - At table


-> Good Wife - with basket


-> Good Wife - with baby


-> Farmer - with hoe


-> Farmer - with hay bail aback


-> Village scamps -



->> Blah blah blah this is why I think it would be cool blahblahblahblah.....





Anyway just a thought.

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Youthful pickpocket.. kinda Oliver Twist / Little Gavroche type fella


Oh..and also li'l hafforc youngsters.. SIGIL that's your job, okay? :lol:




Children playing at knights-and-orcs (i.e. cowboys and indians) would be loads of fun

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I'd like to see a crazy cat lady.


I don't think that's been done as a mini, and a crazy cat lady is just a fun addition to the normal townsfolk. Plus it can be used as an alternative to the weird old hermit/witch who lives out all alone that has that piece of vital info the player's need.


"Let's all go talk to the old crone!"


And then she's a crazy cat lady. And won't tell anybody anything until they appreciate her beloved cats. Pet them, love them, if they like you I'll tell you where the secret path through the evil swamp is.


Maybe it's just me, but I could have oodles of fun with that. And it'd be fun to paint.

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Tavern patrons. Medieval and ancient. All races. How many adventures start in a tavern?


Messengers, errand boys/girls, runners, etc.




Rat Catchers


More beggars and orphans, some on crutches, etc.


Ancient civilians, or those that could be straight out of the Rome series on HBO. Not all of us think of fantasy as a Tolkien knockoff or the GW setting.


Tre--make a point of posting on the FOD, TMP and Frothers if you want to get even more feedback.

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--> Patrons of all kinds. Bar patrons, etc. Sitting (if possible), standing and leaning.


--> Shopkeeps. We seem to forever interacting with the shopkeeps. So someone standing with a bottle or some other good in their hand. Or just 'hand on hip, other out for money' pose.


--> Travelers. People with heavy packs, hand down to pull something.


--> Mounted characters. Town guards, genteel folk


--> Genteel folk in general. Well-to-do families


--> This isn't strictly townsfolk but what about accessory packages such as a sprue of mugs, of plates, of baskets, etc. Non-weapon sprues that can be used to convert or add to scenes

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merchant< large oily smiled and rubbing hands together looking pleased


merchant< Hawking wares, a few other tradesman, some henchmen lugging crates, barrels or bolts of fabric,


merchant of other race variety


aristocrats< male female fancy dressed and looking disdainful


Bar patrons< holding a mug, sitting down with optional chair perhaps, slumped over a counter passed out, playing cards or dice etc


Minstrels< a harpist, a singer, someone with bagpipes, someone with a fiddle, maybe a jester, or juggler, a fortune teller


Children< a raggedly dressed one, playing with something, non human varieties


More females< ladies and poor, maybe some perusing goods, some carrying things

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