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Need a new hosting company - VERY soon

Dragon Snack

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LSS, my website has been hosted by GoDaddy for a while now. However, I've had a few outages lately (at least, I've noticed them lately now that my message boards send me an email when it goes down). The kicker though, was when GoDaddy overcharged me $10 (for a couple of domains) - and then compounded it by being complete jerks about it when I called to complain (including, but not limited to, lying to me). THEN, they re-upped my hosting without telling me (charged my CC automatically).


That's pretty much the last straw, I'm done with them. That means I need a new hosting site that I can transfer my website to pretty quickly. Since I've got the game store now, I may as well look for something that comes with shopping cart capabilities (so I can get an online store up and running). If Apache isn't much of a problem (my coding skills are so 1990's), that would be a bonus (I can make my forums search-bot friendly and hopefully pull in some new customers from that).


So, I'm looking for...

  • Reliability
  • Ease of transition
  • Relatively cheap (I'm currently paying $7-8/month)
  • Capable of hosting an online store
  • Linex or Apache

Suggestions? Thanks!

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Top Posters In This Topic

I'm currently using Powweb, and have been for two domains for at least the last 6 years. About once a year they piss me off, but it always seems to be right in the middle of the 12 months I've paid for, and by the time renewal comes around, I forgot why they pissed my off last time. I'm sure there are better providers out there, but overall they haven't been too bad, at least not enough to push me onto someone else. And I've never had a billing issue with them, which is in their favor.


Overall, they're fairly reasonably priced, and give you a lot of tools, including shopping carts, etc. I don't know how well they stand up to a commercial site though - I've seen some complaints about that on their forums.


However, don't move to them based on my word alone - make sure you check out some other sites, and get some other recommendations.



PS - oh, if you do decide to go with them, please mention my domain as a referral (it's in my sig).

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I've been using NearlyFreeSpeech.net for a while now and they seem to be quite happily responsive.


I'm not sure how they feel about e-commerce so you'll want to read the FAQ.


The nice thing is that they only charge for what you use. So if you're not getting a lot of traffic you won't get hit.

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I don't think NearlyFreeSpeech has any big issues with e-commerce. Two of my sites are still there.


Nexcess.net is great if you can afford it. Sounds like they're over your budget, though.


Hostgator seems like the place to be right now. I'm using them and so far have had no issues. They are also cool with e-commerce sites. I believe that they are running Apache (all of my .htaccess stuff works fine), and the Fantastico DeLuxe feature in your control panel will help you install shopping software.


I regret suggesting Hostfolks in the past. The service never let us down - until we tried to cancel our account. It took 9 months and a request for Paypal to disallow further transactions before they got the point. My parents had a much easier time canceling AOL.

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