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Airbrush Spray Booths


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Sorry for reviving this thread, but I was wondering if I could get some of the more engineering minded people on the boards to have a look at this as a potential starting point for a paint spray booth.


The manual is showing a squirrel cage fan, so I'm hoping that reduces the potential for sparking / igniting combustible paint spray.


3 air speeds, lowest being 230 cfm.


According to this article found on Modeler Site, when I do the math, I could go for a cross ventilation or down draft ventilation design with the CFM provided by this unit.


edit: looks like I mis-calculated. Probably only good for a downdraft design :(


My idea was to mount a three sided enclosure in front of this unit and have the air draw through the back, or through a plenum below.


At 3'w x 2'd x 1'h plus the spray enclosure, this looks like it'll be a chunky-clunky unit. Cost-wise, I think commercial hobby booths are only slightly higher priced.


...I think I'm starting to talk myself out of this idea <_< .


Any thoughts? Feasible?




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