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My Wife's list.


Troop 1:

Larnach 127

Nirodel 62

Peruhain, Elven monk 60

10 x Hunting Cats 21ea


Troop 2:

Meridh 25

8 x Hunting Cats 21ea


Troop 3:
Meridh 25
8 x Hunting Cats 21ea


Troop 4:
Meridh 25
6x Hunting Cats 21ea


Luck rock 3


999Pt of Savage. Its a fun side list as it is rather chaotic and quick.

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Wife made a new list cause I learned how to kill all her cats.


998pts, 16 models, 41DT.
It's fairly hateful. The idea is that the healers keep up Treebeard(s) and the arcanists fling him into position to trample. Favorably, you would teleport him with Larnach and attempt to Dominate with Niriodil, then trample on.
Cats and Centaurs are Skirmishers.

Troop 1 (41 pts)
Larnach the Grey
Peruhain, Elven Monk
Centaur Archer x 2
Luck Stone
Hunting Cat x 3
Troop 2 (278 pts)
Book of Tactics
Magic Ranged Weapon
Centaur Archer x 2
Hunting Cat x 2

Troop 3 (155 pts)
Mossbeard the Treeman

Troop 4 (155 pts)
Mossbeard the Treeman
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Made a fun list with no elves, I call it the Monster Squad. It did pretty well and was fun to play. I totally forgot about ranger moves, and if I had remembered I think it would have been more effective.



Magic Weapon

Hunting Cat





Centaur Warrior x4



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