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Well I'm hardly an authority but...

Dwarves - 500 points

Troop 1

Herryk Aesir, High Cleric

Warrior x 2

Piercer x 2

Kneebreaker x 2

Troop 2


Troop 3

Earth Elemental

Troop 2 and 3 are in the Bones KS set, so even if you missed the KS you'll soon be able to get them for about half their current list price. Everything else is metal, but you could probably proxy some of the Bones Dwarves to keep the price down
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Yeah, it isn't legal but we can fix that. If you drop the Griffon and Earth Elemental and take the Stone Spirit, you'll have 15 points left over. You could get a familiar for Herryk, or a Musician to make his troop move faster, or get a Book of Tactics (for the initiative die you lost with the lower number of troops) and a luck stone (my highest recommended choice). The Stone Spirit would be well nigh invulnerable. In fact, your troop might be too powerful for a 500pt game.



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Yeah, the big models with DR can be a beast in smaller games. Yesterday I did a demo with a new player as part of a promotional video project for a friend; I talked a little bit about Reaper and Warlord, and then showed the basics of how the game worked. I handed the new player a Crusader list with the Doom Kitty, and then cobbled a list of Necros together entirely from Bones/LE models I had on hand. Prior to the game, I gave my opponent some tactical tips on how to use the Kitty to his advantage, and though I took it easy on him, he thumped me pretty good. DR models that are relatively unhurt become harder and harder to kill as the game wears on, and this is true even moreso in a smaller game like this. The Stone Spirit would be positively ugly, unless your opponent has something on par with it.



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The Spirit Stone is not a good recommendation and nobody should ever play it against anyone ever, especially me....ummmm.....errrr....besides, it's too bulky to carry along with other standard base miniatures, it's completely sold out everywhere and is the only model in Warlord that can't be proxied....yeah, that's why!! ::D: Okay, so maybe It's more that my friend's Stone Spirit has been a thorn (or stalactite?) in my side since I got him into Warlord. We nicknamed it "The Wrecking Ball." If you go with that selection I'm sure you will find it plays well and that you enjoy vexing your pards as much as mine seem to enjoy vexing the rest of us!!


Enjoy the game!

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