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20 hours ago, Cygnwulf said:

I'll have to look at Snori, I haven't really thought about him with the hammer....


He is stupidly effective.  He also becomes a fire magnet, one thing to do is have troop 1 and the Stone Spirit set up in an overwatch kind of deal with the Spirit burrowed and pushed ahead as a threat and Snorri covered from some heavy rush attacks by the units from 1.  Snorri can use the Earthquake spell as a specialty action then shoot either something that avoided stun or just something dangerous at range.  


Back to Margara if you do want to use her there are a few neat tricks. 

1. Teleport something that is going to destroy things in among the enemy, units like Thorgram for some nasty mighty attacks, Snorri (preferably with hammer) for some powerful assasination attempts, or the Stone Spirit for a giant wrecking ball ready to crush everything.

2. Teleport someone very early in the deck or when you are sure you will be the next unit to go (mostly due to spy) that will then Summon the Spirit, like Annasha whom is herself a Melee monster.

3. Barrage. Seriously you need to use this on one of the good ranged units of your force,  doubly so if that unit has the Mighty Hammer.  Nobody likes the possibility of 4 or 6 damage to an entire group of units.  One note though: Nobody likes it when this happens to them so only do this sparingly to friends.  It is pretty much a cheapshot.

4. Margara has the spell fiery hammer.  This is a great spam spell that can destroy your opponents plans by effectively removing a figure from play for an entire turn as their one turn due to stun will probably be to put themselves out.


All of these things must be planned for though. Margara is not a plug in anywhere type of unit.  She is finicky and requires planning to use well, as her best abilities work for another units benefit, while also being a very squishy caster.


Hope all that helps.

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