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Which with just 2 Swamp Things, 1 Vampire, the Hydra and something to use as the River Troll chief (say the Mind Your Manors Ettin)


Khong-to = Heroes Dragonman

Chaya = Vampire Lizardman

River Troll = Swamp Things Troll

Reptus Warrior = Swamp Things Lizardman with Shield

Reptus Longstriker = Swamp Things Lizardman with Spear

Nagendra Ranger = Swamp Things Snakeman

Nakaraat, Hydra = Itself

Klahan Nagendra Sniper = Vampire Medusa



Army: 999

Luck Stone


Troop 1


Reptus Warrior x 2

Reptus Longstriker x 2

Magic Weapon


Troop 2


Nagendra Ranger x 2

Reptus Warrior x 2

Magic Weapon


Troop 3

Nakaraat, Hydra


Troop 4

Klahan, Nagendra Sniper

Magic Ranged Weapon


Troop 5

Uru, River Troll Chief

River Troll x 2


Sure its not a great army, but its a cheap one :)

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I am working on assembling a Reptus army and am uncertain how to attach the spikes to the back of the warriors and similar models. The spikes do not seem to match or be designed to fit the holes for mounting in the models. . Any advice on how to fit these properly together is appreciated.

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Usually if something doesn't fit, my first port of call is filing down the pin-part rather than drilling out the socket-part. Quick, simple, and if I'm working on metals I always have the file to hand (I swear by drilling and pinning but perversely enough, I hate it and avoid it if I think I can).

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As I see it, if I increase the diameter and/or depth of the attachment point, I increase the surface area for glue contact, making the joint stronger. Also, if the part is already small, filing it down may further weaken the "pin" portion of the part (and it is often the case when dealing with parts of this size, putting a real pin into the part is not practical), making the joint less sound. YMMV, of course.



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Hi everyone,


First time poster, not so long-time lurker.


I'm just about to get into this game and really like the whole Reptus look. Just got a few questions!


I'm about to have my first game (only 500pts to learn the basics) and will be taking




5x Reptus Skullbreakers



Sword of feeding

4x Gaan-Hor Warriors


Luckstone (500pts exactly)


Is this an ok starting army?


My other real questions with Reptus that I've noticed is that most people seem to go for the snakes and turtles etc and not the dragon stuff. Is there a reason for that? I think the dragon stuff looks much cooler (purely in terms of look) so would want to be focusing on that more than the snakes, but I don't want to really gimp myself either.


The last thing is that I'm not really sure at this stage what the Reptus 'thing' is. I've come from many other wargames where each army seems to have the thing they're really good at and I don't really know what it is with Reptus. They do seem to have a bunch of 3 wound models most of who are fairly cheap and a bunch of stuff that's quite fast. Just not 100% what I should be focusing on doing with them. They don't seem to be a very magic or ranged focus army. Am I just wanting to smash some face?

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One of the areas that the developers worked hard on was to allow each faction to have several "things" and not just one. Yes, each faction still has its own way of doing them, but we wanted to try and make it to where you could constantly come up with new combinations that were fun to play, not simply play the same lists over and over again and get bored.


The dragon portion can be a lot of fun for sure. Again it comes back to what synergies can you find to work together.


For example:


Pairing 1:

Reptus Warrior

Reptus Longstrike


Pairing 2:

Reptus skull breaker

Reptus Longstrike


Pairing 3:

Reptus javelin thrower

Reptus longstrike


Pairing 4:

Reptus skull breaker

Reptus skull breaker


Pairing 1 on the battle field would stick together and move together. the strength of their synergy would revolve around the longstriker being able to do a reach attack over the back of the warrior. or even step in front of the warrior against oncoming attacks to use first strike in defense.


Pairing 2 on the battle field would split up. the skullbashers strength lies in his ability to double move and still attack. The long strike could double move but not do much, so he will tend to separate and use his first strike separately.


Pairing 3 is more of a defensive pairing with the javelin thrower plinking from distance provoking the enemy to approach and the longstrike would use its first strike and 3 tracks to hold the attacker off while the javelin throws a few more times.


Pairing 4 is obviously a very offensive pairing as both could use their strength of getting across and trying to put immediate pressure on the opponents defense. The only thing here is that you are careful not to get yourself separated from the herd too far that you cannot support them.



I could keep going with different combos, but you get the idea. and then toss in the caster TKay who is more of a friendly buffering caster rather than an attacking caster, and you can boost some of those synergies. Long story short, figure out what each model's strengths are and then how they can best optimize that strength thru partnerships, spells, play style, etc...

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From what I've read around the traps, the Reptus core is a solid general purpose army, a little weak on the magic side of things. They have decent armour, decent movement, and hit fairly hard. They're not really a "one trick pony", although they can certainly field one-trick force lists.


The list you've gone for is leaning pretty heavily towards mobility, and the gaan-hor can do a nasty little trick where they fly in, stab, and return to the air, IIRC.

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Well, 2 initial games done. Both were 3 player games. The first against Overlords & Darkreach and the second was against Overlords & Necropolis.


The first game I split the forces so that the flyers could harass the Darkreach while the main force went for the Overlords. The Gaan-hor did well in just picking off the shooters of the darkreach and staying generally out of range. I was really impressed with them. By the time the main force reached the Overlords, the Darkreach Cav' had already killed a bunch of things and I really just cleaned up from there. Don't think my warlord even took a wound in this game! First time out and chalking up a win was nice :-)


Second game was probably a whole lot more bloody with the Darkreach player swapping to Judas based Necropolis list. His archers pretty much demolished my flyers (altho they did kill off all his zombies etc first) then while Judas was taking on most of the overlords himself, I was able to get my main force closer. By the time Khong-To charged Judas, he only had one wound on him so fell pretty quickly. Matisse only had a couple of wounds left and fell pretty quickly as well. He was able to wear down Khong-To tho and he fell and eventually, the Necropolis won due to its archers killing my last couple of skullbreakers. Over all, I was pretty happy with how they all faired and I have a pretty large amount of respect for Khong-To. He seems pretty awesome and his warlord ability is pretty cool.


Over both games, the Gaan-Hor were probably the best performers for me based on their ability to fly in, hit and bugger off. Loved ganking a lone crossbowman and then flying off so the melee can't respond. Worked pretty well :-) My end assessment is that I want to pick up the cavalry, longstrikers and javelins next. After seeing the darkreach cav' in play, I'm keen to see how ours go and I love the figures. Looking forwards to the next game and hopefully doing 1000pts!

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The card system makes multiplayer games run smoother. Glad you found the Gaan-hor to your liking. I haven't played them yet, but I do like the models. I have to say the Reptus range is one of the best in the game for models. They're all great sculpts. I'm not happy with all of the Darkspawn models so I'm just going to proxy a few and get games in.


1000 points is a really sweet spot for this game. I see how smaller games with just captains and no Warlords can be fun too, but the 1000 point game really gets a lot of things happening.

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