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Red Lizardman Archer on Lava Base


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This one is a Dragonblood Miniatures model. They manufacture some really nice sculpts, but their line is very limited.


I painted this for a friend of mine, as a tabletop mini, to represent his D&D lizardman character. He asked for red, which gave me so many, many headaches. (You can read the WIP here, if you really want to torture yourself.) He neglected to specify the other colors, so I didn't ask. ::): When I showed him the teal, he said he would never have picked that, but he thought it was cool. I chose it because it's on the opposite side of the color wheel from red, and would lend the figure some balance.


Special thanks to the following Reaper forum members, who provided useful advice along the way: Jabberwocky, ollikickflip, odinsgrandson, MidnightLurker, and Heisler. (Apologies to anyone I may have forgotten!)


And here's the CMON link, if you like to vote.



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This is simply a gorgeous piece. Makes me sorry I didn't follow that WiP!


I think we can all sympathize with the struggle that is "red," but you've certainly licked that beast. Congrats!

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Thanks, all, for the compliments. This one was a real challenge, so I'm glad you like how it turned out.


The base was actually not that hard. This is how I did it:


Create the base

1. Glue a few pieces of oak bark to a standard plastic base with super glue.

2. Brush some watered-down white glue over the bark to seal it.

3. Apply white glue in between the bark to create lava. Let it dry. Glue will thin. Repeat application of glue until desired thickness.


Paint the base

1. Prime the base with white primer.

2. Follow this tutorial.


The lava base in the tutorial actually looks much nicer than mine, but that's the best I could do with the materials at hand.

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