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Mid-June Painting Binge

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(a Shark with Engines?)

That's the TurboShark 9000, the next generation in Evil Lair defense!


<Billy Mays Voice>Troubled by pesky super-spies breaking into your lair and alerting the authorities to your plans for global domination? Your secret planet destroying beam about to be discovered? Well, never again! Now, there's the TurboShark 9000! Just dip your harassing government operative of choice into the pool, and the Turboshark 9000 eliminates tough stains and cleans up your worst security leaks in Double-Oh Seven seconds or LESS! - GUARANTEED!!

</Billy Mays>


OK, that made me LOL

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Glad to see someone came up with a use for all of those used nebulizer solution containers, I go through a few of those too and might hijack that idea myself. Great stuff as usual, I really like the tentacle-headed guy with the machine gun. I have an old turntable, dual cassette deck, and receiver/amp that i wish I could get to you just see what you could cook up.



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