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Barbarian, elf, zombie hunter, bunch of gobbos


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My next batch will include some Reaper stuff, I promise ::): My goal is to paint minis from different companies, and I already have some Reaper minis painted, so I concentrated on other manufacturers lately.


Let's start with some goblins in 15mm scale. They comprise the part of commissioned army for OOP Demonworld game. Sculpted by Herr Klocke ::):






Enough goblins for now. Here's a true macho from Hasslefree - Ray the Zombie Hunter. All zombies, beware! He's a tough *^%#$




Back to fantasy. Not many elfs I've painted. This is my take on Gamezone Elf Lord.




And last, but not least - barbarian from the discontinued Ilyad Games line of minis. Fantastic sculpt, and my best paintjob to date.




If you care about voting, here are links to CMON:

Zombie Hunter

Elf Lord



Thanks for watching!

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thanks all, you're too kind.


@bikedrew - elf is made by the spanish company Gamezone


@JimL - rocks are made of tree bark, tree - some twig and true moss, water - Vallejo water effect with green and blue paint mixed in, ice - water effect with white paint, snow - baking soda+white glue, icicles - almost cured water effect (stretched and cut to pieces). Hope that helps ::):

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