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WIP Demo Table

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It's been a little while. Had a vacation, paid attention to things like cleaning up the house and so forth... but I had some time today so I got back to the project. I'm in the danger zone right now; I have made enough progress that I feel the table is "not too bad" but I recognize that more work is needed. The danger is that I slip into complacency and stop working on the project. Let's hope I press on.




The trees are set into a thin piece of foam. I want to go back and put more paint on the foam so that it doesn't look so plain. Once I'm satisfied I will glue the trees into the foam. I also feel I need to drybrush some color onto the trees as they are very flat and dark. The whole tree setup right now jars with the light look of the rest of the table. But, they are there, and that's progress!


I also put one coat of paint on the road. I used about a 50/50 mix of paint and water to make sure that all the deep cracks got covered. I want to go back with a very dark wash and put some shadow into the cracks and ruts, and I may drybrush the highlights to make it pop a bit more once the wash dries. I'll have to play that by ear.


I put some minis down on the table, as you can see. Can't take credit for the paint job on any of the Necropolis stuff except the Crimson Knight - they were all purchased. The Dwarves are my work. Here's a couple close ups of table/minis:




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A little more progress this evening:




So this is actually two steps. First I flecked the tree bases and the patches on the table. Like so:


I wetted my inch and a half crappy brush that I got at home depot so I could kick the crap out of it painting grit onto the table. then I dipped it lightly into the sand colored paint I had used as the base color for the table. Then I held it, say, 3 or 4 inches above the table, above the tree patches.. the big brown ones. Then with my other hand I ran my finger along the bristles, lengthwise, to flick the bristles. Tiny paint flecks fly off the end of the bristles and.. well, flecked?... the brown areas. They are still markedly brown and obviously delineate an area, but they aren't these big plain blobs of brown. The added flecks give the area some visual depth which fits better with the rest of the table. I went over all of the patches on the table several times to get a level of flecking that I wanted. I did the same thing to the foam tree bases that will sit on these patches.


Then I brushed the trees with a light green, trying to give them some depth and pop. Here's a comparison:


No fancy tricks here... just load the brush and run it down the pine tree.


Here's a view of it pieced together.


I need to fix the trees in permanently, and I will be making sure they stand straight when I do so.





Simple drybrushing here, nothing fancy. I used a small brush like I would for a mini. I tried to go over the upper portions a couple times to make it lighter... I guess the sun lands on the top more and it should be brighter? Not really sure I pulled that off. Don't think it's too critical either way.


What do you think? Coming together, yes? It makes me itch for the new rulebook so I can play people!!

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Finally finished!! I was nearly finished at the time of my last posting. All I did was finish touching up the color on the trees and glue them into the foam forest floors. I've been working on another project that is top secret, and it required my terrain-foo. So my available time was diverted for that. Then there was a vacation. the table has now been complete for a couple days, and I'm not getting around to taking pictures and posting. Just in time! The demo is this Sunday afternoon. Can't wait!!








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