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Jedi vs. Sith

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I posted the Sith up last year. But I just finished the paint job for the Jedi. No butane pieces or tubing here though. The Jedi is a near-human. If you look close he has purple spots on his head, cheeks, and hands. Hope you like them. Bases are still being worked on. C&C welcome



Ok for some reason I can't upload any of the others. Didn't think they were that big. I'll try posting the big pic. in another topic.

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The alien skin is nice. I'm jealous as painting is not a strong talent of mine.


If you're looking for criticism as well...


The flash line. It can be seen from orbit.


Also curious as to which figure is used here. I'm not so good at picking them out sometimes.

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Yeah stupid mold line. Thought I got them all. I was going to strip him and fix it, but I didn't want to ruin the folds of his coat/robe. My file is to big. I've been taking a bit more care now to make sure all of the mold and flash is gone. Don't remember the name of the mini. Another older monk from DHL.


Thanks Froggy! Getting a comment from you means a lot to me!

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Ugh! Not Voyager... Horrible show.


Thanks Beowulf. I'll go back to him and work on the spots more. With the wood grain I was trying to get the feeling of him using a lightsaber that looked like a Bo rather than a cylinder. Probably should have just painted it like wood though.


Blue Weasel: Steal Away! I look forward to what you paint up next!

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