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Reaper Hellbore


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Summer has come and I really am finding it hard to find time to paint.


I got a lot of work done on this guy and then he just sat there for weeks just barely unfinished. So I finished him up and cleaned my table of the weeks worth of dog hair that had accumulated. Goldens and Berners are not very fun in the house during summer time.



I think my camera settings have gotten screwed up from the camping we've been doing, so feel free to check out the WIP for some other shots of him.







WIP here : http://www.reapermini.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=36274



Thanks, comments always welcome. :)




Oh, just noticed a chip! doh

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Thanks everyone!


I was having my usual trouble with highlighting (explained in the WIP thread, iirc) and Demonelf3 suggested a mix of paint that worked really well for the highlights, so I gotta give him thanks for that. I put it on a little sloppily due to various reasons, but its not too bad.


I'll try to get some more pictures up later tonight when I get home of the back of his cape and his face...I need to play with the camera settings again.

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Thanks! Much appreciated!


The color scheme was pretty much for the owner of the PC. Said he wanted a crimson cape and brown leather armor. So I just ran with that. I like the more natural look to him like this....kinda takes away from the "jester" thing he has going on with some of his armor.




Noticed I missed some rocks while painting.




Got a couple more pictures, sorry it took so long...a better angle for his face and one of the cloak. Highlighting is harder to see than in real life. Still dicking around with my camera.




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