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Origins pics

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The Shield Maidens unknowingly block the LOS from the guards to the Necroplis unit




The Bone Marines defend the Candle Shop




Qwyk overview

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I had an opportunity to play two games apiece on the Ebontop and Night of the Solstice boards. Now I'm totally hooked on Warlord. What a great game. The Black Lightning team was fantastic as well.










Cleverly disquised monster holding pen, plus all my yet to be gained loot on the top:



I even made it into one of Dave's online pics. Immortalized on the web until the big delete key gets pushed!

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Here are some general pics of the Night of the Solstice board. Great stuff.


In the bottom right corner we have the Brothel...











Top floor of the inn:



Here we have orcs collecting babes in the Brothel...




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Geeze, too bad Tim and Dave can't come up with any cool dungeons or playing surfaces.....

Yes, I know that Dave & I really suck at terrain building, but nobody else is stupid enough to do it. I guess ya'll are just stuck with what we can throw together. I've been working on Ebontop already to spruce it up a bit for GenCon. Miniature Building Authority told me how they made their totally super cool rope bridge, so if I can get motivated enough to make a dozen unique ones for Ebontop, and make them look half as good as the MBA ones, it might make the dungeon passable at least......... :rolleyes:

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