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What color Panties would a Nazi wear?

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I am working on this las for a "Beat the Chuck paint contest at my LGS." I have challenged our regulars to beat my paintjob, I chose this model as the one I want to use. However I am suck. She is going to have a red armband and either a black or red tie. The panties are giving me some pause. I was thinking of using a pale blue and working my way up to white. The nylons will have a shear look to them. If I can pull it off.



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give her pink panties! she's got enough black alredy with the corset and boots and stuff. the arm band and the tie is not enough red. it would look top heavy. give her red shoe laces too. yeah!





I agree with pink!



It'll be a nice contrast and balance to her aggressive look as well. Some nice cute, pink panties. :)

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darken the sheer stockings & the panties should be red with a white circle & black swastika. For the fatherland! That'll tie the other red accents in & stay in character. Alternately, just red to still tie in, but back off from tedious freehand at odd angles.


***edit*** however, if I was doing that, I'd also go grey with the shirt/blouse and ensure I had a red accent on the cap.

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Hmmm interesting! lol

I am torn

I love the pink panties idea and I like the red panties with black free handed swastika as well being that she is a nazi


*thinking, thinking* :wacko:



Ok I got it!!! ::D:



I have a compromise!

How about Pink panties with a free handed black swastika? :poke:


Pink panties and a swatstika tattoo free handed on her? I was thinking maybe a tattoo cuz she does look like a chick that says "Im gonna hit you with this stick so hard, you're gonna wear your shoes backwards!!" lol :lol:

you can probably put the tattoo on her tummy right above the panties or on her outer thigh by her hip.




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