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Turk the Dwarf....Turk...Turk

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Hi all,


I play in a 4th ed. Scales of War campaign every other week. I have been running a Battle Vigor Dwarf. Sadly the rules have been neutered by WOTC. So I had to redesign the character. So why not a new sculpt too. This is a figure from Redbox. He has a story behind him, which Tre might want to explain. I love this figure. It came with a small pipe that I did not use because I can see it breaking, also my character does not smoke. Infact he is non verbal only uttering "turk" which everyone assumes is his name. He is out crowd control guy determing what bad guys can go where.


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Hah hah!! How did I miss this! I guess it was the title. One of my favorites from my line and I am glad to see that you finally got one and painted it up.


Hrothagar is a pseudo portrait of Chuck himself. he had asked me a while beck if I was planning to do any dwarves ( this was when I was on a dwarf kick ) and the idea to base on of them on my impression of Chuck just popped into my head, and the next thing I knew I had the design for this guy drawn out and the sculpt just kind of took on a life of it's own! :D One of the onyl sculpts I have ever done that was designed in one attempt and sculpted to match the design exactly.


Chuck he looks great! May he slay many greenskins!

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