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02486: Ogre Mage


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Cool. I really like how you painted the basket on his back. There are so many colors on this figure! I don't know how you had the patience for it. I hate painting fiddly bits. Your color choices are super, and it all looks so nice. The only thing that can use some work is the blending on the purple pants. Well done, Jen.

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Thanks, everyone!


And thanks to those who had color suggestions when I had this guy over in WIP. They should be getting the kudos on color selection. ::):


Yes, that is (or is supposed to be) a transparent gem effect on the end of the hilt -- I'm surprised anyone could tell, it hardly shows in the pictures!


And yeah, the purple pants...aren't a great job. I'm not real consistent with my blends. I hope it will come in time.


Patience for finishing it: well, at the end, I was well into the "I can't stand to look at this figure anymore!" stage. He's a really cool fig, but if you are considering painting him, he's got so many fiddly-bits it just goes on...and on...and on...


...and on...


Hairy turtle thing: I was asking myself that very question as I was painting it. It looks like a cross between a turle and a monkey, and the top of his head is hollow, like a cup. It really seems like it's supposed to be that way, not a casting problem. I'm guessing it's some kind of legendary Japanese creature that I'd be able to identify if I were better educated. :blush:

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What did you use for the skin? I want to steal the recipe for use on lacedons. ::D:


Ahm...well. I started with a really light blue that's almost white (if you dig up the WIP thread, it barely looks blue in the picture at all). This particular paint has long since been transferred to an unlabeled bottle, so I'm not exactly sure what it is. If I had to put money on it I'd guess it's GW Space Wolf Grey.


I started mixing in RMS Ultramarine Highlight for the shadows, but wanted something darker for the deepest bits, so I pulled a darker blue from another unlabeled bottle. I think that one was GW Regal Blue.


For highlights, since the base color is so light, I ended up working my way up to pure white.

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