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On the 20th day till Warlord...

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Umm... I think you guys are a little early. We're at 19 days until tomorrow! ::P:

And to think that I waited up until 0200 to compensate for the time zones so I could make my post on the right day. Not fair! :angry:

Yeah. I was waiting for the correct countdown day as well. Hrm.

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bondslaves dying... yeah... they do that. They're a cool model, I always liked fighting them. I favor the stronger models that can withstand many weaker ones, so to me it was always a fun exercise to actually fight the weaker ones as opposed to, say, the Overlord Warriors or the Justicars or whatever. When the difference in ability was in sharp relief I always sweated the hits on my Shieldmaidens more so than when it was a closer match. Makes it fun!


13 Mercs a' Marching!

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Eleven Elven Speedbumps :devil:


It's tomorrow somewhere in the world already, and I will be at work at Midnight.


they better be more than bumps in 2.0 . . .i've been missing the elves and have been *gasp* playing other games.

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Haha, poor Gus! that didn't last too long ::(:


Dang, and I thought up a good one. I guess I'll wait until Thursday. Hope nobody beats me to the punch!


I wouldn't have posted it except Darthiir posted elves for number 12, and I had to give him a hard time, AND Gus posted something about the time.


Now, if he had posted something like, don't post anything until 00:00 Central time Wednesday morning I would have hoped to get home in time... :poke:


And, now, I am gonna moderate myself and remove the post.


[Qwyk hits himself in the head with the Mod Bat]



[JEDI MIND TRICK] These are not the Speedbumps you are looking for...

Edited by Qwyksilver
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