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On the 20th day till Warlord...

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So is it?


11 Dwarves a Piping

10 Lupines Leaping



and I'll have to take some time to think of something good for maids a milking...



maids a milking could be monsters mashing "do the mash, the monster mash." :blush:

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9 Nhoolyan's Gnashing!

They don't gnash, they suckle and cuddle. 9 Cuddly Suckling Nhoolyans.


Wait, isn't 9 tomorrow?


I don't know. I think between Friday morning and this morning I slept about 10 hours total. I'm lucky I could remember that 9 is less than 10 :lol:

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"Soon" takes on an excruciating new meaning when the product is done and being shipped to stores, and we forumites salivate, just waiting to get our grubby mitts on the gear.


The new book and the Lab Mutant hopefully on the same day? Be still my beating heart.

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