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Cathedrae Noctis

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It's been nearly two years since I last wrestled the cardstock demon. My last binge was interrupted by a house hunt and eventual move, and somehow I haven't gotten around to any mini-painting or related hobbying. That ends today, as I undertake a rather ambitious project: Cathedrae Noctis, a gothy/angsty temple of elemental awfulness downloadable from the friendly humanoids at Worldworks. My implements of dee-struction were right where I left them after the move, so I'm blowing the dust off the X-acto with snap-off blades, magnifier headset, self-healing cutting mat and metal straightedge. That's a brand-new 18W Ott lamp, capable of warp four-point-seven...






Anyone interested in this project should check out the free sample, which contains all the instructions. I'm electing to build on a one-inch square scheme (rather than 1.5), omitting grid lines, and am going to follow the example floor plan, a 12" x 21" layout that looks like this, with buttressing where indicated...






It stars with the six 7 x 7 squares you see here (with four more, presumably, for the upper floor). These will be glued onto foamcore , and terrain tiles will surround them. Then the real fun gets under way. Somewhere up there, Ken Follett is watching ("Will he help?" "No." "Then tell him to stay out of the way.").


Why am I doing this? I'm not sure; I have only the vaguest notions of using this thing in a game. I guess it just inspires me, and I know that cardstock modeling is a relaxing activity.

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